The Disproportionate Focus on Israel: A Thought Experiment

A quick thought experiment. Let’s say for the sake of argument that supporters of Zionism are correct. Let’s say there is indeed too much focus on Israel by comparison with other places. Or, if not too much, let’s say it’s a disproportionate focus.

Why are people speaking out and taking to the streets about Israel bombing Gaza? Shouldn’t they really be turning their attention to Syria or Mosul instead? Let’s imagine that Syria and Mosul are equally if not more serious than the terrorising and massacre of Palestinian children in Gaza. If this is true, why would there be any point in taking to the streets about these issues? Unless it consisted of a cry of impotent rage, the point, in these parts, would be to compel politicians and government officials to act in a particular way vis-à-vis these places.

Now, what is the reality in Western societies? The reality is that Western governments are strongly supportive of imperialism, and, as we can see with Israel, strongly supportive of the US’s gendarme in the Middle East. Israel operates with wanton cruelty and complete impunity and total disregard for international law. Appealing to such governments to ‘do something’ (unspecified) about Syria or Mosul would be to recognise them as moral agents. In fact, their general track record in the Middle East and their backing for Israel and its murder campaign against Palestinian innocents indicates they are no such thing. On the contrary, they are complicit in Israel’s crimes. Hence such an appeal -to act on Syria or Mosul, say- would, in essence and effect, be an endorsement of wanton cruelty and complete impunity, and a reward for supporting Israel.

So you can see why Zionists encourage people to look elsewhere. Because it helps Israel get away with murder, and frames its backers and accomplices as decent moral agents.

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