Does The Irish Times know what ‘innately’ means?

Voters may be disillusioned, but they are innately conservative.

Thus declares an editorial in today’s Irish Times. ‘Innate’ means you are born with it. It means that the thing you have is not contingent on life experiences or broader social or political conditions.

In other places, you would have to be a moron to make a serious claim that voters are ‘innately conservative’, because, where social and political conditions change, and where people have different life experiences, voters express different preferences.

More people voted for left wing parties at the last election in Ireland than in previous elections. Dublin in particular saw a rise in the left wing vote. If it is true that Irish voters are ‘innately conservative’, then the Irish Times is saying that it is not natural for Irish people to vote for left wing parties, because voting for things to stay the same is part of Irish people’s basic nature.

So, if you are Irish and you vote for things to change, you are behaving unnaturally, according to the Irish Times. You are, quite literally, a deviant.

ADDS: A correspondent writes:Maybe the IT meant that if voters weren’t so innately conservative – and had any sense – they’d have voted even further left.

ADDS: Another correspondent writes: Are left wing voters sinister deviants then, or is that a tautology?’

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One response to “Does The Irish Times know what ‘innately’ means?

  1. AK

    To vote left is unnatural & deviant according to the IT. That’s quite a few people to be sent to their nearest correctional facility so they can be returned to more ‘innate’ forms of democratic observation. IE, voting for parties that support & implement austerity.

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