How We Do Things Around Here

-Tubbs: Look Edward a shooting star. Should we make a wish?

-Edward: Yes Tubbs, wish for an end to this plague of strangers, for our futures to remain local and for new road to be totally destroyed.

I have had the dubious privilege of witnessing this kind of behaviour first hand on many occasions. Someone whose sense of themselves is so bound up with the inbred nativist nationalism that prevails in this country, that when they get confronted with any kind of plain speaking to which they are not accustomed, they reflexively turn the focus onto whatever it is that makes the person different from them: would I be right in thinking you wouldn’t be from these parts, begob, because this isn’t the way we say or do things round here.

The intent is to undermine the other person in the eyes of everyone else, to make them feel like they have no right to be saying what they’re saying, that they are a sort of unwelcome foreign body, unused to our noble and established ways.

In this case, it’s only the head of government, the bould Enda. What a rancid, dandruff-strewn hole these gobdaws have made.


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5 responses to “How We Do Things Around Here

  1. Ronan

    The chap is a condescending fucking cunt

  2. you summed it up so right there- thanks.

  3. henrygondorffdkr

    treasonous corporate owned scum. I fucking despise that scumbag.

  4. I have had the even-more-dubious privilege of being on the receiving end of this behaviour. I agree with you that there is more to it than meets the eye; this trial-by-accent seems, to an English-accented Irish-passport-owner like myself, to be uniquely prevalent in this country. Elsewhere you might get asked, “That’s an interesting accent, where does it come from?”, but here the assumption is an immediate, “You are not from here. You are not from here. You are not from here”.

    This kind of parochial bullshit made me into an English patriotic zealot when I was a kid, but thankfully after I became political I realised that the whole national identity shtick was just as bullshit.

    Deal with how a person behaves, not with how they sound, look, or even smell.

    No Gods, No Borders, No Masters.

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