Dispatches from Planet Politics: A reply to Stephen Collins

‘Propaganda’ – El Roto

I left this response to Stephen Collins’s article in today’s Irish Times, which is titled ‘Fitzgerald appointment not enough to get Coalition back on track

Stephen Collins says the government had a ‘hard-won reputation for competence and decisiveness’…but among whom, precisely? To be seen as competent and decisive in the eyes of ratings agencies is not the same thing as being seen as competent and decisive by people forced to emigrate, or forced to take up JobBridge schemes, or lying on a hospital trolley, or living in fear of repossession and eviction. Does Stephen Collins think that the 1,230,000 people living in enforced deprivation make much of the government’s alleged competence and decisiveness?

The dispatches from Planet Politics seem increasingly unmoored from the broader reality of Irish society, as if that were possible. These days, what he holds up as a tasty morsel of backroom intrigue looks and smells like a half-chewed chunk of rotting flesh. How many more accolades must he lavish upon the Great Leader before our eyes start to weep with blood?

It’s all getting a bit embarrassing. Collins, putting his mind to work on behalf of the political establishment, thinks that the public opposition to water charges is not because people think water charges are a form of robbery to pay for the crimes of the financial sector, but because competing tendencies within the political establishment have frustrated the path of righteousness. These things could be avoided, I suppose, if Ireland officially became a one party State. That way there would be no internal wrangling in government, and the public would always be happy.


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  1. Heard someone on the radio – didn’t catch the name, commend the government’s record saying “politics is not about popularity, it’s about making tough decisions that can be unpopular”. How refreshing, I thought to have someone admitting on the airwaves that we don’t live in a democracy.

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