The Irish Regime


Following on from the last post:

  • “Whistleblowers are disgusting”, says head cop in Irish regime, amid suspicions of corruption.
  • Irish regime downplays bugging of police watchdog
  • “Now is not the time to talk about human rights”, says key figure in Irish regime on trade trip to meet Saudi partners.
  • Irish regime committed to strict prohibition on abortion
  • Billionaire media baron with close links to Irish regime lives in Malta
  • Irish regime moves to save banks and property speculators, decides public will foot bill.
  • Poverty and desperation on the rise as Irish regime withdraws public services and cuts welfare payments
  • Lax approach to child welfare under Irish regime leads to widespread violence against children in creches
  • Irish regime imprisons 79 year old peace activist
  • In move to quell public discontent about political corruption, Irish regime turns focus onto whistleblowers
  • Health minister in Irish regime lives in stately home, oversees massive health budget cuts
  • Citing welfare fraud, minister in Irish regime threatens police checkpoints in crackdown on victims of economic crash
  • The reality of the Irish regime: deprived of basic rights and condemned to live on €19 a week
  • Irish regime assigns spouse of President to investigate claims of torture and slavery
  • Regime broadcaster makes massive payout to institution that opposes equal rights for gay people


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2 responses to “The Irish Regime

  1. paul

    Billionaire media barons regime also punishes Gemma O Doherty whilst promotiong Ian O Doherty and covers up its own malpractice:

    The Irish Independent covered Mick Wallace’s speech in the Dail this week by calling it an emotional and angry attack on justice minister Alan Shatter.

    It reported that Mr. Wallace repeated his calls for Mr. Shatter and the garda commissioner Martin Callinan to resign. Although the article was framed like it was an analysis of his speech, the Irish independent selectively chose the section of his speech which suited their money driven interests best, rather than the interest of information provision to the general public.

    The article was accompanied by a clip of Mick Wallace speaking on the matter.
    The clip on the online version of the independent was edited down from 4:27 to 1:55 seconds.

    The latter half containing the part of the speech where he calls for Shatters resignation, the former where he spoke about the injustice served to Gemma O Doherty by the Irish independent who fired her for trying to be an objective journalist edited out of existence.

    Wallace: “Gemma O’Doherty lost her job in the [Irish] Independent because she had the audacity to challenge the Commissioner, the audacity. We got an email this morning, from a nephew of Fr Molloy’s, someone that Gemma O’Doherty has done a lot of research on. Here’s what he said in it. You mightn’t want to hear it, minister. He said: ‘For almost 30 year, people have hidden behind a wall of silence, deceit, corruption and cover-up. Time for the light of justice to shine on them and reveal them to the people for what they are. Many, many people have gone to their graves overshadowed by this heartache.”

    Lise Hand, in yesterdays Irish independent went on to further skew and discredit Wallace by claiming his ‘dramatics’ distracted the measured critique that Clare Daly followed with.

    In other news, Ian o’Doherty was stuck for something to rile people up about for the sake of it, so in yesterdays Irish independent in a piece titled “Scarlett, you can be my role model any time you like”, he resorts to looking back at the Scarlett Johansson soda stream story from a few weeks ago where Scarlett Johansson, (an American millionaire who chose money over the Geneva conventions and international law) in a bid to try and capitalise on that story and annoy the ‘lefties’ to keep his wages pumping into his bank account.

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