Pigeons Vs Cornflakes


For all I know grilled pigeon may be delicious but having seen far too many pigeons picking through the vomited takeaway of last night’s Temple Bar drunks the thought of them is not so appealing.

However I see no great difference between eating pigeon and eating chicken. The former in its shot and grilled form may be a great deal more tasty and even healthy than the latter in its processed form after a life of enslavement and utter misery.

What is wrong with reporting on a man who shoots pigeons to feed himself? The outrage from Ireland’s media booboisie at the New York Times’s report is all the more galling because such enterprising individual use of personal resources is precisely the response they themselves -with their self-help guides and psychologists and mindfulness experts- have been pushing in response to human setbacks in Ireland’s economic crisis.

John Donovan also did Master’s degrees in Law and Business, according to the article, and works as an ‘intern’ for €22k, aged 55. If only he’d laid off the pigeon shooting, Ryan Tubridy -who is paid well over ten times what Donovan gets- would be giving him a pat on the head and presenting him with a Total Entrepreneur Ledgebag award at the National Convention Centre.

Read Maureen Gaffney’s latest brainshit in the Irish Times: “we” are wonderful because “we” are resilient and put the head down and pony up the money for speculator debt and never ask questions and stay clear of political trouble.

But how fucking dare you suggest that “we” eat pigeons! Who do you think “we” are, New York Times, some sort of prole savages? We’re JFK!

The other mention of food in the article -that some people are eating cornflakes for dinner because they have no money- has not caused such a stir. Eating cornflakes for dinner? A tasty improvised repast. Pigeon? Ah now, you’re making us all look like uncultured beasts.

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