The Other Gates of Hell


I learned yesterday that Bill Gates was a bondholder in Anglo Irish Bank, Irish Nationwide Building Society, Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank when these banks received their parts of a €64bn bailout, paid for by the Irish public, at the expense of their health, education, social security, pay, working conditions and jobs, among other things.

I learned today that Bill Gates is funding projects to make the condom of the future, apparently made out of graphene (I have no idea what this is) and beef tendons, which are made out of cows.

In truth, Bill Gates is so loaded he probably didn’t even know he was a bondholder with Irish banks. The Internet says he does know about the condoms, though.

The reason I am mentioning this is because I don’t know how many times I’ve come across items in defence of capitalism that mercilessly mock the caprices of regimes and their leaders that claim not to be capitalist, irrespective of the story being true or not.

So you will hear about Kim Jong-Il wanting to start a lobster farm in space while his people are suffering (or whatever). And this is intended to prove that socialism is wrong everywhere forever.

Can you imagine how the Western press might report Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro if he decided to close down hospital wards and cut services to people with disabilities in order to fund research into the development of a new kind of butt plug?

We would hear no end of disquisitions on the madcap ego-tripping and callous disregard for human needs that such a decision entailed. It would be held up as an example of why socialism will fail, because human nature is what it is and only markets can assure the full development of human capacities.

The thing is, the case of Bill Gates is a vivid illustration of how capitalist regimes and markets operate with precisely the same de haut en bas contempt for the masses that is often attributed by the regime media and educational apparatus to socialists, and of how they operate absurd and inhuman priorities in resource allocation.

They cannot look after their banks, goes the system’s logic, and this is why Bill Gates is taking their money off them, to make new types of condom instead of letting them keep hospital wards open. The beauty of the free market, right there.


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