Negative Creeps, Slavish Halfwits and Bootlickers for Empire

‘The CIA could do with organising a rendition flight for Clare, she really is one stupid woman.’
‘She is a headline grabbing moany old witch.’
‘She a pain in the arse’
‘Just even looking at her depresses me not to mind having to listen to her whiny voice.’
‘She is an outstanding advert for why we should have abortion, Imagine if her ma had the choice we wouldn’t have to listen to her constant moaning.’
‘She sounds like a right cnut’
‘What a whinging b***h’
‘Well if we put her face up front people would run a mile from this country.’
‘What can you expect from a pig…only a grunt.’
‘A typically nasty and spiteful comment from a bitter old leftist.’
‘With those earrings she is not really playing down the pimps image…’
‘perhaps the woman’s bitterness comes from her stint at putting together Business Class meals in the kitchens and she learned to resent those who could afford to pay for that type of fare’ commenters respond to Clare Daly’s questioning of Enda Kenny in the Dáil today, shown below:

I left the following comment:

It’s a sunny day in Ireland and a politician is telling the unvarnished truth in public about Ireland’s relationship with the United States. At this rate we’ll be struck by an asteroid before the day is out.

It’s interesting to see how Journal commenters criticise Clare Daly for being ‘negative’ and ‘moaning’ because she refers to the fact that Barack Obama is a war criminal and the fact that he is a mammoth hypocrite.

Make no mistake: these are facts. Every Tuesday, Obama reviews and approves a list of names of people whom the US war machine has designated as a target for elimination. Those people, along with anyone in the immediate vicinity, are then destroyed by drones.

Obama is therefore directly responsible for the slaughter of innocents. It would come as no surprise if he had signed off on another batch of people to be annihilated whilst staying in Fermanagh.

Who then is he to speak with any authority about peace in Northern Ireland? The fact he is greeted by the political establishments North and South with such extreme unction is evidence of how little they are interested in real peace, and how they are content to use the threat of a return to widespread violence as a means of controlling society. This is evident from Kenny’s response to Clare Daly, where he cites the ‘fragility’ of the peace process. Perhaps if poor and working people in the North weren’t getting immiserated by the same right-wing economic policies Kenny’s own government is pursuing, the peace might be a bit more robust.

What is wrong with being negative in the face of such outrages? A negative stance with regard to imperial criminality and its facilitators is a positive stance with regard to justice, freedom and peace. The real negativity comes from the slavish halfwits in Ireland who say you should keep your mouth shut in case the tourist industry takes a dive, or in case the Foreign Investment Fairy flits away somewhere else, and from the morons who lick up to Barack Obama and his family apparently because they transmit some sort of political glamour that means you can ignore his criminality and the fact he represents the interests of Wall Street and the military-industrial complex.

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One response to “Negative Creeps, Slavish Halfwits and Bootlickers for Empire

  1. Stephen McIlroy

    Perfect response! I emailed Ms Daly last night to congratulate her questioning in the Dail. It’s the first time I have seen an honest appraisal of things as they are in the chamber, and it moved me to tears.

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