Institutionalised corruption: Alan Shatter and An Garda Síochána

This is a comment I left on The’s poll question ‘Should Alan Shatter have made his Prime Time comments?‘ 

There is something very strange about a Minister for Justice making such a flagrant display of hubristic arrogance. However, it is not just a matter of Alan Shatter. Why was he made privy to the information about Mick Wallace?

And apparently this was in the context of the penalty points investigation! How can the conclusions of the penalty points investigation be taken in any way seriously in light of such a clear indication that Shatter and senior gardai had a common agenda in discrediting Mick Wallace? Any Minister for Justice with a modicum of respect for the public he or she is supposed to serve would recognise that a TD’s personal history is of no consequence when he asks questions of a government minister as a public representative.

Any Minister for Justice with a modicum of respect for the public he or she is supposed to serve would immediately recognise that information proffered about Mick Wallace in the context of an investigation of alleged garda wrongdoing is a blatant demonstration of contempt for the public on the part of the gardai in question. He or she would have instigated some form of proceedings against whoever proffered the information.

That is not what Alan Shatter did. He was only too glad to make a mental note of the information supplied in order to use it as a means of attacking Wallace personally. If this is not institutionalised corruption, I do not know what is. For Enda Kenny to claim in Shatter’s defence that Shatter does not keep files on anyone in particular is making a spectacular show of obscuring the point: Shatter does not need to keep files on anyone because he has had people prepared to supply him with dirt whenever expedient. If Shatter is being protected by Kenny at the moment, it is only out of fear that an admission of arrogant wrongdoing will weaken the moral legitimacy of a government hell-bent on destroying living standards, public services and welfare provision in the interests of finance capital.

A rotten minister in a rotten government, in cahoots with a rotten police force.

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