“Students are always dangerous. They sow an example.”

What follows is a translation of a post from today by Juan Carlos Monedero, who teaches at the Complutense University in Madrid, on the subject of riot police being sent in to arrest students seeking to occupy the Political Sciences faculty. The mobilisation of riot police takes place on the same day as various marches are planned to ‘lay siege’ to the Spanish parliament.

The images are from the blog Haciendo un camino, by a Political Sciences student at the same university. I have also added some explanatory links in English to the text.

Of incidents in the Complutense University, or of six million two hundred thousand unemployed

When you look back and contemplate Francoism, the reason you don’t die of shame is because you see many people who risked everything by protesting against the dictatorship. Nearly always there were students from the Complutense University. They behind them numerous dead on the road to this democracy. One of them was murdered when they threw him out a window: Enrique Ruano. He studied law. His murder was justified by Fraga, the founder of the Partido Popular. Mari Luz Nájera, from Sociology, was murdered in a demonstration in support of our democracy. Or of one that, they thought, was going to be better. Another one, Yolanda González, was murdered by fascists. Her murderer, Hellín, was then hired by the State’s security forces, who went to bed as the forces of order and woke up as democrats when Franco died. Here the neoliberals are right: you don’t appreciate what you get given as a gift.

Today, the same day that we await new cutbacks to be announced by Rajoy, when Gürtel, the corrupt network that brought the PP to power remains unpunished, when the Bank of Santander announces 12 billion euro in profits, when we see Greece die of hunger from following the same diktats that they want to dictate to us here, when we know that there are more than six million two hundred thousand unemployed people in our country, they are arresting students once again. What terrible things they must have done. No doubt much worse than what Urdangarín did, what Bárcenas did, what so many others did. Students are always dangerous. They sow an example. Have they prevent classes from taking place? Others are preventing them from studying, from having access to health care, from having work. Their Minister, of Education, has told them to go and study abroad. We teachers only get outraged when they take away our extra payment. Though now, not even that. Today those who cleaned out the banks will have breakfast and dinner in the lap of luxury. There are students who will do so in the courts at Plaza Castilla.

The Complutense University released a statement: “A small group of people has violently occupied the faculty of Social Work and that of Politics and Sociology, contained in the same building, preventing access and the normal functioning of both centres. In light of this situation, the necessary means will be taken to re-establish normal academic and administrative activity. Joaquín Goyache, Organisation Vice-Chancellor”

Poor Vice-Chancellor. Our system places some people in such a fix. In the end, like it or not, they end up putting you on the same side as your executioners. Or is it not that the PP is strangling public universities? When we look back, each person sees what reflection they can.

In our democracy, going to prison now seems a matter of decency.


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