The Government Of Freeman Woo


One of the most annoying phenomena of Ireland’s political and economic crisis is how, in the absence of any concentrated popular potency, in the absence of any common language of democratic contestation, certain isolated individuals found solace and support in what is often referred to as ‘Freeman woo’.

Briefly put, because it would be too annoying to go into any great detail, this is the phenomenon of people thinking there is a form of legality –the real form of legality- that has been buried by the legal and political establishment, with the connivance of the police, and that this real legality can be uncovered and imposed via hocus pocus invocations about common law, lawfulness vs. legality, oaths, licenses, your birth certificate getting sold on the stock exchange, and god knows what else.

I remember in the early days of Occupy Dame Street overhearing someone telling someone else that he was planning on giving a talk about common law the following day. I had no idea what he was talking about, but his confident assertion, combined with the fact that we were standing in a very unusual place –there were tents going up in the middle of a city square- made me think, for a moment, that maybe he knew what he was talking about. Then it struck me that he was talking utter bollocks.

As far as I can see, the whole method behind Freeman woo is that the law, as it is currently applied, has no real legal basis. The bailiffs may come, the sheriff may take possession of your home, you may be jailed for not paying your debts, but all of this is really illegal, because there is this other law, you believe, which often has something to do with ‘our Founding Fathers’ (we are talking about Freemen after all), that prohibits all the stuff that they’re doing. Indeed, this belief can prove effective as a delaying tactic, in those moments when the forces of law and order are trying to figure out what the hell you’re talking about. But, in the end, you’re gonna get it.

The reason I bring all this up is that I feel like a Freeman this morning.

Last night, there was emergency legislation rammed through the Dáil to deal with IBRC, the entity formerly known as Anglo Irish Bank. The operation, as Andy Storey foretold, was ‘devious and undemocratic – instead of having a proper, informed debate about this hugely serious issue the government would be railroading through legislation that would see people living in Ireland take formal responsibility for debts that are not theirs to pay’. I watched some of the TV footage. I posted a couple of updates on Facebook.

The first one, at 11:25pm, read like this:

The Dáil has been colonised by the European banking lobby. Just listen to the fascist hyenas whooping it up, pissed out of their skulls, from the government benches.

The second one, at 12:41am, read like this:

Looking at the leathery grey faces of the men on the Irish government front bench it’s hard to resist feeling like all vitality is being sucked out of you. None of them really has any idea what’s going on, they just think they’ve a right to be there, a right to be in command, even when they’re not. All the information they get comes from their special advisors and hired consultants. You can see that they’re not really there at all, but thinking about the pension, and the escape, whichever comes first. Whatever happens, it won’t happen to them; they know that. But might the guillotine beg to differ?

This morning, and the reason I feel like a Freeman this morning, I read an excerpt from the legislation rammed through last night.


Let me shorten that:


We all know what ‘the common good’ means nowadays: it means the common good as articulated by the European banking lobby and the local bourgeoisie. So we can say farewell to our Freeman friends with their belief in common law.

But look at the second bit: permanent interference with the rights of persons. And I feel like a Freeman because I was under the impression that one of the main points of having laws was to prevent interference with the rights of persons. I feel like shouting “Are you on your oath, TDs?” at those who voted for this legislation. What right do they have to decide that the law may permanently interfere with the rights of persons? They are only representatives. Did they swear some secret oath that allowed them to say, yes, we have the right to permanently interfere with the rights of the people we represent? Isn’t there a law against this? (Answer: this is the law)

But then I don’t feel like a Freeman, because in fact, the Freemen are in the government. They are the ones convinced they have a sovereign right –simply because they were elected- to demolish people’s rights, permanently, and to do so not only through banking legislation, but through facts on the ground: stripping away the social and material infrastructure that sustains people’s rights to health, education, welfare, labour protections, and so on.

I submit that the Government Freemen feel they can vote for such things because people let them get away with it, because people continue to recognise them as their legitimate representatives, even when the reality of that representation is four score and ten drunken assholes rutting and whooping in celebration as they do the will of the European banking lobby.

I submit that the only way of ridding Freemen and their legalistic hocus-pocus from government –a legalistic hocus-pocus that imposes illegitimate debts and mass misery- is to make it clear, on the streets, and via every other channel possible, in the simplest and most forthright of terms, that they do not represent us.  

I submit that we should beware the Freeman belief in lawful rebellion too, which believes it can ‘instruct governments’ on pain of ‘peaceful and dignified mass protest’. As with other Freeman beliefs, this imagines that a government conducting all manner of assaults on rights is willing to do its bidding through the hocus-pocus of representation.

Until that moment of rupture comes, we might as well all be eating sandwiches made out of Black’s law dictionary.

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  1. A Sad Day for Ireland!The only hope here is that this is a percentage of brainwashed FF’ that turned SF or refused to vote in the last election and are now returning home after the years of conditioning take control over rational thought and they allow their delusions to convince them that FF are actually ok after all. Let’s face it; this was always going to happen. Doubt that poll has any significance!The poll is not a reflection of the popularity of Fiona Fail; it’s more an Indictment of the unpalatability of Sinn Fein. The people are saying anybody but Sinn Fein. And they are right.As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly!Infuriated reading this. How stupid are some people?! Again rewarding the fools who wrecked the country. Wake up people, Michael Martin was at the centre of this reckless gombeen party during those "Celtic Tiger" sham years. Ah, what’s the point? 22% of the electorate are thick. Nothing can be done about that…Survey must have been conducted amongst the builders and bankers."You have disgraced yourselves again…"Don’t you just love Democracy!!FF & martin wrecked this country….Irish sheeple have only themselves to blame…This proposal to give the monopoly one company in Ireland to photograph people for a new credit card-style driving license would be considered an abuse of the administrative process and could be in breach of competition laws. The credit card-style driving license is used in other countries and people are allowed to submit photos with in strict guidelines. Some people in Ireland will have May to drive 100 miles to an approved processing centre. What about the hundreds of thousands of driving licenses held by the Irish Diaspora outside Ireland…totally impractical for this to work for them. The Dublin 4 Civil Servant that came up with this idea is out of touch with reality.Sad day for Ireland, the bunch that wrecked the country are moving up, same old same old again typical paddy, no lessons learned…I suppose O’Dea will be justice minister in the next ff rig.And the greens are on their way back. God help us all!Idiots the party that wrecked this country yet the sheeple of Ireland are showing support for them as I said before the Irish deserve everything they get they bring it on themselvesIf people have forgiven Fianna Fail and Michael Martin already for the treachery and devastation they have inflicted on generations of Irish citizens then we deserve everything that has happened to us. I accept that Fine Gael and Labour are acting in the same arrogant, selfish and stupid ways of Fianna Fail, but putting Fianna Fail back in power is not an option for Ireland.Still fighting FFs battles by putting a positive spin on FF being in second place. "The ballsy guys are buying property/voting FF". Delete as appropriate.The media might be trying to push Fianna Fail back into Government, but the people will never forget.This does not surprise me, there is 2 possibilities, I think the older generation who really don’t have a clue what is going on as they get most of their information from papers and the TV are so easily manipulated (and we all know who controls the media), or this poll is total rubbish….. But as I said to my friend when FF got booted out they will be back a lot sooner than you think, he said never they are finished, I then replied, never underestimate the stupidity of the Irish people…. Where did UNICEF get the money to pay Verwoerd €206,091?That’s why I never give a cent to ‘charities’ like these."Mickey Martin is the most popular leader in this country" Muppets everywhere….no wonder this country is wrecked.There’s just one thing all the other ministers and TD’S can do – vote against the cuts in the budget that will hit the most vulnerable.When I saw Economic Management Council (EMC) I assumed that the government had sought the advice of four economic professionals to sort out Ireland financial mess but then I read the Economic Management Council (EMC) consisted of Herr Kenny and three cronies and I thought "Christ save us all from these incompetent fools!" Good. Now we know exactly which four to blame. Come the next election….Blame!? There is no one to blame but us and a nation! We haven’t learned a thing and deserve all we get. Martin and FF rising in the polls again!! Huh!The growing criticism of the EMC has not been limited to within government, with respected financial commentator Eddie Hobbs describing them as the "inner cabinet which brings the intellectual firepower of three secondary-school teachers and a trade unionist to bear on Ireland’s crisis." Fianna Fail have moved eight points clear of Sinn Fein, while Michael Martin is the most popular leader in the country, according to a poll in today’s Sunday Times.Mr Martin’s satisfaction ratings of 42 per cent are ahead of Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny on 41 per cent, and Gerry Adams on 40 per cent.Here’s the swop coming again. Is there any chance that we could get a head of sense somewhere?At least now they know what the rest of us in Ireland feel like, when they make decisions with no reasons why to the people they owe their jobs too."….Eddie Hobbs describing them as the "inner cabinet which brings the intellectual firepower of three secondary-school teachers and a trade unionist to bear on Ireland’s crisis."Yes and the three teachers will collect a retirement bonus from the Department of Education and a full teacher’s pension when they retire, on top of their TD and Ministerial pensions.Irish Democracy at work!Perhaps Joan Burton and James Reilly should contact The Bundestag, seeing as the budget is usually leaked to it in advance!!They are been kept in the dark because Goldman Sachs & the IMF are writing the budget. So much for openness and transparency EdnaThese guys turned down an offer to pay the State 2.8 billion by the Quinn family FACT and yet they have no hesitation fleecing the most vulnerable.Their decision on Quinn has cost the country billions and thousands of jobs. Shame" Shame" Shame!Politicians should look at their own High paid wages” firstIf you are required to dress up in Halloween costumes for work then it’s a uniform and your employer ought to pay.I was of the opinion Judges were driven back and forth to the Courts by the Gardai / Detectives.Deviating slightly, if a Minister / TD are away on Government Business, on top of the Hotels /Food / Drinks etc being expensed, the overnight allowance of e121.43 is still claimable?EndWhen is this gravy train going to end?Nov 2012Barnardos are always going on about the government not cutting funding for child welfare, and then fees of €110 plus an hour are demanded. Something rotten about such a system. Another example of Irish hypocrisy and greed with these pigs in sheep’s clothing. Such stories seriously undermine charity workers who carry out Samaritan work for little or no reward further worsening the deprivations of the genuine cases. "Even when the child was too young to fully communicate its wishes, the guardian can assess the child’s feelings through non-verbal communication."Hocus-pocus is the politest term I can think of for this. The suspicion is that these children’s feelings, as magically interpreted by their guardians, conveniently correspond with the interests of the latter. What if the child’s wishes are to be re-united with their parents, can they assess that, or more pointedly, would it be in the interest of the guardian to do so? Now we know the real reason for the Children’s’ referendum; a hugely lucrative career awaits the social worker class. If the social workers are the ones who make the initial decisions on the ground on which parents have their children taken from them, doesn’t the opportunity for such huge incomes for some members of this class represent a totally corrupting vested interest? If only a small fraction of the money paid to these people was given to struggling parents, many of these situations could probably be resolved, but there is a huge industry driving enforced family break-up.We have just voted to give the State more control over children – so we can expect the bills to really rise now.You are correct. More of the same madness.It beggars belief. Nice work if you can get it.Social workers earning over €100,000, not including untaxed allowances? Is it any wonder the country is up the creek?Vastly overpaid.This is truly lulu land. The Germans should read this; it certainly would give them at least indigestion Those people can assess the "child’s feelings through non- verbal communication, Witch craft it’s called in other parts of the world.I can see why Social Work has become as popular as a career choice.Q: When is this gravy train going to end?A: When there is no more gravyQ: When is that likely to be?A: Well, we used to pay for it but now we borrow it. So, I would imagine when the borrower gets wind that he might not get it back. That will be about the same time when the lights go out in this country for even that bill will not be able to be paid either. "Several independent social workers, some of whom used to work for the HSE, earned more than €100,000 during 2011 working as ‘guardians ad item’ – appointed by the courts to a child who is likely to be placed in long-term care."Wow! Are these jobs advertised on Fine Gael’s new E-tenders site?Someone give me the link.The Irish public don`t seem bothered that they are keeping the luxurious wasters in their accustomed lifestyle. The streets are quiet so it`s all hunky dory.It adds insult to injury.It is clear now that you’re unable to do anything ministering. ‘Powerless’? How in the name of etc are you powerless? Explain how you’re powerless?Oh the old ‘it won’t happen again’Get these people out, I think we as a nation will have to take it in our hands and pull them out, riot or no riot.AIB have already admitted that they put some of bailout money into their pension fund, so how come I heard but Noonan didn’t – is he deft as well as stupid. We should boycott AIB until they cop on – take our money out.Of course you were unable to deny it. The money may have been around a bit first but this burst institution – a cancer on Irish society – once again is making you look an idiot. A Bailed out Institutions Levy will greatly improve the finances of the country and the image of your government #BOILS the BankersTalk and Talk but no action .But lets us screw the people not our friends in the banks Tax payer’s money is used to prop up his own pension. He has no problem with that.Ah poor old Noonan imagine a politician being put on the spot about telling lies. Sure, he would say, aren’t we all at it, why pick on me. After all it’s not politician’s money but only those silly tax payers who will believe anything we tell them. Our politicians, both current and past, must love this storyline, drawing attention away from their own massive pensions. The Rotten Corrupt Politicians Will pay for all Crimes and Conspiracy along with the dirty dozen spit fire European ministers of Corruption Mafia gangsters that were ever invented" I want out of mafia Corruption, A PoemNot in Our name" not our debt"Even too the Irish president is involved"I knew the pig headed Fart was as corrupt to the bone"A call from Kenny to D Higgins to fly from Rome and get back RomeA sign Higgins" sold us out" your an idiot" your just a standby gnome,Enda Kenny is a coward and useless greedy feck”Noonan doesn’t care “nods his head”Feck it” oh What the Heck,Brendan Howlin is Balling and chasing reforms,Pat Rabbites Ears “keep on burning,Richard Burton is chasing wild Fantasy Investment Dreams,Tax invasions and conspiracy committed in reform Schemes,Foreigner invests who invest our Taxes “all tax free,Stealing our Oil and gas from under our feet,Kick the Parasites out of The Government buildings,The main Leaders” Eamon Gilmore and Enda Kenny are Corrupt and Guilty,The Charge is Conspiracy, lies, and Corruption, and broken promises,Not one decent politician of FG or LB has been good decent and honest,The TDS are liars, cheats, who wormed their way in, Now we pay a higher price for the two evil men.Rita CahillThe End

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