Social Media and a Politician’s Sucide

Many if not all major Irish media outlets have used politicians as fall guys for a social and economic crisis. They have systematically shielded powerful economic interests from political scrutiny. They have seen to it that the class war waged from above appears solely due to inept and self-seeking politicians.

How many times have you come across the suggestion, in Independent News and Media, or in the mouth of one of RTE’s right-wing hired talking heads, that politicians should be more like Michael O’Leary, or like some other captain of industry who never has to give two fucks about how many people’s lives he ruins, as long as he gets a fat payout at the end of it?

Shane McEntee was a member of a party and a government that is waging war on everyday people in Ireland. However, unlike some fatcat high up in the IFSC who never has to see the people behind the numbers, he had to come face-to-face with the human consequences of what he was doing, whenever he met constituents.

It isn’t that surprising that someone should find it difficult to cope, on the one hand, with the demands of party loyalty and the preservation of one’s standing and self-respect, and, on the other, the destructive effects of what you are doing to the people who make you what you are.

Especially when the Irish media have been singling you out as solely responsible for the social devastation.


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