Espirit de Corpulence: You Will Respect My Authoritah

Word is emerging that Eamon Gilmore plans to remove party membership from 5 TDs and a Senator, thereby assisting with their public rehabilitation, and ensuring that he can speak without fear of contradiction.

When Eamon Gilmore talks about 'a war cabinet' running economic policy, he means it. He is saying, democracy is suspended, it is down to a few good men to hold the line against the enemy.

But the enemy is not wealthy bondholders or vulture capitalists or the IMF or the European Commission or the European Central Bank: they are partners. Frankfurt's way is Labour's way. Did anyone ever say it was otherwise? The enemy is anyone who opposes the economic policies of the government, and the targets for destruction are the people who distort the labour market by having basic human needs to be satisfied.

Like Gilmore, Pat Rabbitte is casting himself as a warrior on the field of battle, demanding loyalty and obedience to the markets. But isn't that what you're supposed to do when you get elected?

Rabbitte and Gilmore's war -in which they are unlikely to sustain any flesh wounds- is being waged against the working class, in Ireland and beyond, and their special task is to source enough sheep's clothing to cloak the insatiable wolves.

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