A Note On Enda Kenny

Are Enda Kenny’s incoherent slobberings down to his inadequacy as a
political leader, or his talent? That depends where you are standing.
From the point of view of German magazine editors and vulture
capitalists, his drooling senselessness is precisely what is needed as
the cement in a new Europe shorn of its welfare state provision. It’s
a key ingredient in a spectacle that appals yet enthrals
simultaneously, fixing the location of decisive political power in the
figure of the impotent local robo-politician, not the array of
unelected and unaccountable bodies acting in the interests of
financial corporations.

From the point of view of local liberals, his burblings are a source
of shame but timely confirmation that what is needed is ‘political
reform’: how could the electoral system spew forth such a specimen?
Clearly it would be better to have some private sector manager drafted
in to sort things out.

From the point of view of people on the Irish left, Kenny’s verbal
abortions ought to feel like a taunt: that they have been unable to
come up with a radical democratic discourse that captures people’s
imagination, preferring instead to remain within the confines of a
robo-speak of their own.

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