The chutzpah of the Iona Institute is something to behold. Leaving to one side the controversy arising from shit lists brandished in public, the very fact that the Iona Institute has such a high profile is on account of a public broadcaster -one that stops for the Angelus twice a day- giving Iona representatives regular airtime. 

Not only do they get regular airtime, but their right-wing views are treated as representative of the views of lay Catholics in Ireland on any given social issue whenever a religious perspective is deemed relevant.

Whilst I don’t think the term ‘bias’ is useful, if this is not ‘bias’, I don’t know what is.

On the particular matter of RTE’s coverage of matters concerning Savita Halappanavar’s death and ensuing discussion of abortion legislation, it is plain to see that the dominant frame has been the matter of the woman’s life being preserved, in basic terms of biopower: would an abortion have saved her life, or not? There has seldom been any consideration of the question of the woman’s right to choose, or of how Savita Halappanavar was denied a choice.

Moreover, I have yet to hear any discussion at all of the matter of whether ‘the people’ have a right to exercise such ownership over a woman’s body.

Never mind: RTE’s ‘impartiality’, according to Breda O’Brien, is being compromised by personal opinions expressed in public by some of its employees and collaborators.

The real story here is not the Iona Institute’s chutzpah but the role of the public broadcaster in maintaining them as credible and reliable contributors on social affairs.

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  1. AK

    i see john mcguirk has been keep a list of a journos/columnists who have supported the march for choice a few weeks back. strong whiff of macarthyism there me thinks.

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