Various Authors: Why Support Syriza In The Greek Elections of the 17th of June? (Part 1)


On the website La Revuelta de Las Neuronas, various authors based in Spain have published their reasons for supporting Syriza in the forthcoming Greek elections this Sunday. I am translating the first five here; another ten to come.


JOSÉ LUÍS CARRETERO: To accompany the struggle of the Greek people against the anti-social measures of the Troika and of the most voracious capitalism means supporting all of its manifestations. One of these is that of Syriza. Those of us who do not share the uncritical faith in parlamentarianism as the genesis of deep social changes, but who do understand that certain things are not a matter of principles but of strategy, can consider it feasible to raise a defensive wall against the tyranny of debt and the political imposition of governments of national concentration imposed by the global oligarchy.

The present hour is too serious for pettiness or purities. It is the moment for meeting each other in the streets and the squares, to generate new embraces, to contaminate each other beyond the lines traced by senseless dogmatisms. It is in that place, dangerous and full of hope, where the working multitudes directly express their right to resistance, that we will recognise each other. That is the indispensable place that traces the borders. And, whereas effective commitment against cutbacks and misery is displayed through deeds, we will travel together the path toward dignity opened up by the Greek people and we will support all manifestations of their creativity in resistance. If we share struggles, we will share the future.


ANDRÉS VILLENA: The eurozone seems to be preparing to strengthen itself internally, but without counting with the Republic of Greece. The new left party represents the best synthesis between Europeanism, political solvency and criticism of the imbalances that have led us to this situation. From this force one hopes for the best negotiation with the creditor countries for remaining within, based on the condition of a proper restructuring of the debt and the possibilities of getting out of the snare that the troika has imposed on the Greek State.



JUAN DOMINGO SÁNCHEZ ESTOP: Rarely have I been angry at not being able to participate in elections. I know that, when these contribute toward the representation of the people, they silence the multitude by giving a voice to power. I do not accept elections that prevent me from deciding. Today, however, in Greece, for the first time in too many years, an election can constitute a decision, since one of the rising political forces, Syriza, represents something that power can never tolerate: the social movement that has made the reigning social order democratically unrepresentable and morally unpresentable.

Syriza occupies the vacuum of representation left by power, showing how the neoliberal looting of Greece, Europe and the world is incompatible with democracy, and it opens, as in Latin America, a space for the protagonism of the multitudes, of the everyday citizens. We are therefore witnessing a milestone in the difficult “conquest of democracy”. For this reason, our Greek comrades smile and power puts on a face like a funeral.


LILIANA PINEDA: Syriza expresses the mass rejection by the Greek people, broad and sufficiently resounding, of the antisocial economic measures imposed by the European Union, which draw on the lies they have told us to justify the destruction produced by capitalism in its final phase: the complete financialisation of economies, which cyclically promotes the formation of unsustainable public and private debt levels, with the object of appropriating everything that exists, and which only obeys the predatory interest of big transnational corporations.


SALVADOR LÓPEZ ARNAL: We should support Syriza, and other forces of the Greek left, out of internationalist solidarity, one of the best values of the left that has not given in, and because in Greece what is at stake -as has been at stake in other occasions and will happen in the future until the economic, political and social framework in Europe and the world is no longer what it is, an avaricious civilisation that is the enemy of humanity, of republican virtues and of Nature itself- an essential stage of the struggle that the European peoples are generating against the exploiters of workers, from the most disadvantaged sectors, against the destroyers of the Earth, against those who are prepared to consign justice, freedom and equality to the trash can of History.

Some years ago, Mrs Thatcher, a very representative figure of the soulless neoliberalism in which we are obliged to live, said it with clarity and ultraconservative arrogance: ‘Economics are the method; the object is to change the soul.” And they have continued with that. Syriza, other left forces and the outraged Greek citizens, who are combative and rebellious, are not proepared to let the same vampires as always to suck their blood, our blood, and to unceremoniously break their soul and ours into a thousand pieces. They want it all, even with the risk of ecosuicide. Faust is their reference point and any trace of humanity generates guffaws in their boards of directors and their government meetings.





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  1. Thanks for the translations, comrade! ::-)

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